FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Hose-Diaphragm Guard (HDG)

Particularly when it comes to the handling of toxic or other fluids that are harmful to the environment or to aseptic process engineering applications, condition monitoring of diaphragms has to be extended to the clamping area.

For this reason, a unique and redundant diaphragm clamping system has been developed for MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm process pumps. It allows for permanent monitoring of the clamping area and reliable prevention of leaks. The monitoring provides for triple differentiation in order to cover different leak possibilities.

Elastic distortion of hose-diaphragms is path-controlled and effected in a concentric manner due to their inherent construction. The space between both hose-diaphragms is unpressurised and ends in a central transfer point. In the event that one of the hose-diaphragms leaks or fails, either product or hydraulic fluid will penetrate into the unpressurised intermediate space.

Detail of hose-diaphragm clamping area in the pump head.

The resulting build-up of pressure is automatically fed to the hose-diaphragm condition monitoring system and activates the respective electrical contact or pressure sensor (signal transmitter). Measuring point P2 checks the sealing towards the wet end and the clamping of the primary (inner) hose-diaphragm. Measuring point P3 is allocated to the sealing of the hydraulic end and clamping of the secondary (outer) hose-diaphragm.