FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media


With displacement pumps the oscillating movement of the pistons results in undesirable flow fluctuation and pressure pulsation. In order to avoid such pressure pulsation, pulsation dampeners are typically applied, especially for high pressure duties. For conveyed fluids which do not allow for a contact with the air cushion in the pulsation dampener and for high pressure applications, FELUWA applies state-of-the-art hose-diaphragm pulsation dampeners with roller diaphragm accumulators or bladder-type accumulators, which are pre-charged to approx. 80 % of the operating pressure.

The discharge flow on each pump stroke that exceeds the average flow is stored by compression of the air volume within the accumulator. The stored volume is then released during the suction stroke. The conveyed fluid is hermetically sealed from the air cushion by single or double hose-diaphragms and actuation fluid.

With vertical designs of the pulsation dampener, an additional air cushion is built up that serves as second pulsation dampener in the lower pressure range.

Optimum pulsation reduction by means of FELUWA PULSATROL


When operating at different discharge pressures, pre-compression has to be adapted accordingly. In comparison to typical bladder-type accumulators, the roller diaphragm type accumulator offers a unique advantage in that the nitrogen cushion can be individually adapted to the operating conditions by means of an automatic filling unit. The position of the roller diaphragm is detected by utilisation of inductive transmitters. Based on this position, a co-efficient of operating pressure and pre-compression can be calculated. By means of this co-efficient, the control unit determines whether pre-compression has to be increased or decreased and nitrogen has to be added or drained, respectively.

Minimum pulsation is achieved by means of pulsation dampeners with automatic adaptation to the working pressure. But also the combination of vertically mounted hose-diaphragm pulsation dampeners with bladder-type accumulators allows for minimum pulsation over a wide pressure range.

Hose-diaphragm PULSATROL with air vessel character for applications with varying working pressure.