FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Autoclave/digestor feeding

In metallurgical process plants, e.g. for copper, gold, nickel, uranium or zinc, FELUWA pumps are used to feed autoclaves at high pressure in order to dissolve the concentrate from the ore. Typical specifications for this autoclave feeding are pressures of more than 40 bar, high solids concentrations, low pH-values and operating temperatures up to 230 °C.

Another application for the FELUWA process pumps is digestor feeding in aluminum production processes, where highly caustic bauxite slurries are pumped at high pressure into tubes for digestion at high temperature. FELUWA pumps are especially predestined for the feeding of these corrosive and/or erosive mining slurries and waste materials, some with high viscosity, because the medium is pumped in a linear flow without diversions and with minimum wear.

The slurry is in contact with the inside of the hose-diaphragm and the check valves only, so that the heavy pump casings can be made from standard materials.

FELUWA pumps in operation

Hose Diaphragm Piston Pumps

  • Duplex-Design

Type:SG 135 – 4 SM 460
Flow rate: 18 m³/h
Pressure: 36 bar
Power: 45 kW
Conveyed Fluid:H2OSO4 Chloride
ApplicationAutoclave feeding
Media currently handled for this application:

Abrasive sludge, barium ferrite sludge, BaS04 suspension, ore sludge