FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Filter press feeding

Fully automatic FELUWA sludge dewatering systems allow for immediate underground sludge dewatering.

In underground mines the mining sludge mostly remain in the gallery until the solids have settled and the clear water can be pumped to surface.
Fully automatic FELUWA sludge dewatering units allow for immediate sludge dewatering underground. The systems consist of a sludge collecting tank, FELUWA hose diaphragm piston pump or double hose-diaphragm pump, respectively, a filter press as well as a complete pneumatic control.

The filter cake that is produced by the filter press can be used to backfill excavated galleries.

Operating principle

The sludge is fed by means of a pump and a high-pressure hose from the sump into the sludge collecting tank. After filling of the tank, the homogenising screw is started in order to keep the sludge solids in suspension.

The hose diaphragm piston pump or double hose-diaphragm pump, respectively, draws the sludge from the collecting tank and feeds it into the filter press.

Over the full feed pressure range the filter press pumps shall cause minimum residual pulsations to avoid damage of the filter press. Furthermore, the pumps must have reliable overpressure systems in the hydraulic area to guarantee permanent operation in the dynamic range.

Media currently handled for this application:

Sewage water sludge, aluminium oxide sludge, aluminium sludge, inorganic sludge, pickling sludge, mining slurry, digested sludge, ironworks sludge, iron oxide sludge, electro-technical porcelain sludge, milk of lime, lime stone slurry, calcium carbonate sludge, china clay sludge, catalyst slurry, ceramic slip, sewage sludge, loam sludge, manganese ferrite sludge, moor sludge, sodium hydroxide, nickel ammonium sulphate sludge, organic suspension, pigment sludge, phosphorous sludge, powdered glass suspension, quartz-resin mixture, crude oil sludge, salt brine, sand sludge, sandstone slip, slaughter-house wastes, waste water, grinding oil, steatite mass, talc, TiO suspension, TiO2 suspension, alumina, cement sludge, zinc oxide sludge, stannous fluoride silicate, dye paste, ferrite sludge, fly ash sludge, galvanic slurry, glass powder slurry, metallurgical sludge, hydroxide slurry