FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Gasifier feeding

In the coal gasification process black or brown coal is grinded to coal slurry. Together with additives and process water the coal particles with a grain size of
≤ 25 mm from coal reservoir and transport area are fed into the coal mill resulting in the actual coal slurry.

Afterwards, the coal slurry flows into the mill's discharge reservoir, from where it is conveyed to the coal slurry reservoir by means of low-pressure coal slurry pumps. From there it is fed into the reactor by means of high-pressure coal slurry pumps.

Inside the reactor the coal slurry is mixed with oxygen resulting in a combustion reaction under high temperature and high pressure. The gas extracted by this method is cleaned inside the downstream equipment. Afterwards, synthetic gas for the production of various chemicals or energy is produced.

FELUWA double hose-diaphragm pumps for the coal gasification process are mainly manufactured in triplex design with a crank shaft turned by 120°. By this means continuous flow is guaranteed and settling of solids is avoided. FELUWA double valves ensure maximum feed rate precision, which is essential for the balance inside the reactor.

FELUWA Pumps in operation

Hose Diaphragm Piston Pump

Type:DG 200 – 4 SM 460 
Flow rate: 12 - 35 m³/h
Pressure: 68 bar
Power: 110 kW
Conveyed fluid:Coal Slurry
Application:Coal Gasification