FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Spray dryer feeding

Spray drying units are most convenient for the conversion of liquid based products into dry materials with a defined powder or granule form. In this process, precise product characteristics of solutions or suspensions can be achieved, i.e. particle size, powder weight, moisture content, pourability and re-dispersability.

FELUWA pump technology is ideal for spray dryer feeding due to its intrinsically high operating safety, its easy, economical variation options for flow rate and pressure and its ability to handle suspensions with dry solid contents of up to
80 %.

FELUWA pumps in operation

MULTISAFE® Double Hose-Diaphragm Pump

  • Triplex-Design

Type:TG 100 – 3 DS4
Flow rate: 3 m³/h
Pressure: 100 bar
Power: 15 kW
Conveyed fluid:Tannin dyestuff
Application:Spray dryer feeding
Media currently handled for this application:

Aluminium acetate, aluminium oxide sludge, aluminium silicat sludge, barium ferrite sludge, barium titanate sludge, BaS04 suspension, lead chromate, lead sulfur silicate, lead oxide, lead sulfide, iron oxide sludge, electro-technical porcelain sludge. milk of lime, lime stone slurry, calcium carbonate sludge, china clay sludge, catalyst slurry, ceramic slip, silica gel, municipal digested sludge, conditioned thickened slurry, manganese ferrite sludge, Mn Zn ferrite sludge, marble powder slurry, nickel ammonium sulphate sludge, optical brightener, organic suspension, paraffin solution, pigment sludge, x-ray pigment, salt brine, grinding oil, food starch, steatite mass, talc, TiO suspension, TiO2 suspension, alumina, tri acetate, cement sludge, zinc oxide sludge, stannous fluoride silicate, fly ash sludge, mica solution, hard metal slurry with ethyl alcohol, herbicides in water