FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Handling of toxic media

Toxic fluids are a permanent danger for man and environment. FELUWA process pumps are virtually predestined to guarantee absolutely safe transport of toxic fluids. The double hose-diaphragm, made from a special PTFE mixture, is especially suitable for chemically aggressive and toxic media. The pulsating displacer guarantees linear flow path without deviation of e.g. toxic fluids and a hermically sealing from the pump casing and the environment.

The two hose-diaphragms, which are arranged one inside the other, create a double-walled barrier to the drive end. If one hose-diaphragm leaks, the functionality of the pump is maintained until it has been repaired.  In this case the second hose-diaphragm ensures that the toxic media will not come in contact with neither pump casing, persons nor environment. The pump will remain hermetically sealed!

A redundant diaphragm clamping was developed for the MULTISAFE® process pumps for permanent condition monitoring of the clamping area and reliable prevention of leakage, especially with toxic applications. As a result, triple differentiation of the monitoring is carried out for detection of various potential leakages. Even the smallest leakages at hose-diaphragms and clamping area are instantly detected and reported as failure.


FELUWA pumps in operation

MULTISAFE® Double Hose-Diaphragm Pumps

Type:TGK 500 – 3 DS 230
Flow rate: 200 m³/h
Pressure: 140 bar
Power: 1.150 kW
Conveyed fluid:Red Mud
Application:Aluminium Industry
Media currently handled for this application:

Alkylaryl sulfonate, pickling sludge, lead oxide, lead sulfide, chlormethyl, sodium pentachlorphenolate, pharmaceutical slurry