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Expansion of the FELUWA product portfolio

Currently a worldwide trend is increasing significantly concerning enquiries for large-volume pumps at high pressure levels. With the development of the new pump head DS350L, FELUWA expands its product portfolio and is able to meet the demand.

In combination with a Quintuplex gearbox (QGK 500) a volume flow of up to 1,500 m³/h can be achieved with this pump head. The hose-diaphragm required has a length of 2,800 mm. This corresponds to 1.6 times of the average height of a man. 90 liters are displaced per discharge stroke, which corresponds to the volume of a bathtub or 360 cups of coffee.

All flow-through components were recalculated using CFD (computational fluid dynamics). With the help of modern simulation tools, the technical configuration can be verified very precisely in the early development phase.

Over the past year additional certifications have been obtained for the food and pharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, the pumps can also be set up in potentially explosive locations.


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