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Intelligent Condition Monitoring of Slurry Pumps

In times of digitalisation, most of the pump users have a clear picture of the pump in their minds: The pump monitors itself, indicates impending malfunction and offers a maximum of availability. Thanks to more than 3,000 FVPMS sensors installed worldwide over the past few years, FELUWA was able to gain experience in predictive condition monitoring of check valves. Currently, we are working on the next generation of intelligent systems for diagnostics and remote maintenance for overall monitoring of the pump.

This new development is based on a highly dynamic measuring system recording the chronological sequence of operating pressure, suction pressure, pressure in the pump chamber and piston position. This data is assessed with the aid of a hybrid soft sensor. Based on the data gained, an indicator diagram showing the pressure flow in the pump head depending on the piston position can be generated. By means of this diagram, for example the hydraulic power or the hydraulic efficiency of the pump can be determined. Detection of unfavourable precharge pressure of the pulsation dampener, insufficient inlet pressure, wear of check valves or beginning sedimentation in the pump head is also possible.

The system independently detects deviations from nominal conditions by machine learning and provides the operator with reliable information on the condition of the pump.

Nowadays, the system is already used for the enhancement of our products in order to gain insight into the pumps, for example in order to identify the efficiency of individual components, which are then subject to specific optimisation. It also allows for quantitative assessment of new developments in order to achieve further enhancement of the unique FELUWA pumps.


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