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Mineralisation and Minimisation of Wastewater Sludge by Wet Air Oxidation

To a large extent, the efficiency of wet air oxidation units depends on the availability and reliability of the pumps that feed the wastewater into the oxidation reactor. Generally, positive displacement pumps are used for this purpose. Apart from maximum availability, these units have to ensure minimum pulsation and maximum accuracy of the feed range.

Wet oxidation is based on the principle of hydrothermal oxidation. Within this system the wastewater is subject to strong heating prior to being pumped into the reactor under high pressure, where the oxidisation process for mineralisation of organic material is induced by means of pure oxygen. Wet oxidation procedure is followed by dewatering and drying. Residuals are reduced to a minimum and disposed as cover product for landfills, for example. The process offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional incineration methods and is particularly conducive to toxic wastewater with high contents of organics and sludge, as well as for such cities that cannot consider land disposal of sludge as a possible solution.

Wet oxidation is classified as particularly environmentally friendly because all components of the wastewater sludge are either subject to recycling, reclamation or emission to the environment without negative impact.

Advantages of MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps for your wet oxidation process


  • Hermetically sealed: The centrepiece of our pumps are the two hose-diaphragms which are arranged one inside the other. They not only enclose the conveyed fluid in a linear flow path, but also provide redundant hermetic sealing from the hydraulic drive end.
  • Low-wear design: Check valves are virtually the sole wearing parts of this pump designx
  • Check valves: In wet oxidation procesess double check valves provide additional safety. If, in the short term, a particle gets jammed between the ball or cone and the valve seat resulting in valve leakage, the second valve ensures effective sealing, thus preventing medium backflow and a resulting loss of volume.
  • Linear flow path: The particular advantage of this design is the linear flow path; hence it is especially conducive to the handling of aggressive, abrasive and solid carrying fluids. The pump is even capable of handling wet oxidation sludge with minimum wear.
  • Customised selection of materials: Steady operating conditions by means of optimum material choice for the few medium-wetted parts taking account of fluid properties.
  • Ongoing support: High availability and reliability is also ensured by the equipment with comprehensive all-round diagnostic systems for permanent condition monitoring. Downtimes are thus avoided, and unscheduled costs do not arise.
  • Operating range: The tailored solution for volume flows up to 1,000 m³/h and pressures up to 350 bar.

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