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Award in Chinese language competition

Our young colleague Alexander Berns (Dual Studies Programme – Electrical Engineering) won second place at the national language competition “Chinese Bridge”. He has been learning Chinese for four years and since August 2019 he has been taking language courses at the Confucius-Institute at the University of Trier. As winner of the second prize he will attend the world finale of the language competition in China at the end of the year, which will be broadcast in Chinese TV. Alexander Berns’ ambitious goal is to pursue language level "HSK 6", i.e. business fluent speaking and writing skills. He is currently practicing for his last and most challenging language exam at the end of the year.

Alexander Berns is in our Dual Studies Programme – Electrical Engineering, i.e. he studies electrical engineering at the Trier University of Applied Sciences and completes an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer at FELUWA. Originally, he did not come from the Eifel region, but our good business relationships with China and our Chinese partner, Encore Engineering, have been decisive for his change of location. “German engineering and the Chinese language were the reasons that brought me to the Eifel region”, acknowledges Alexander.

A regional TV station became aware of Alexander Berns and visited him at home and at his workplace.

We are very proud of him and compliment him on this outstanding achievement!

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