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Special times require special measures

Special times require special measures

Commissioning of FELUWA MULTISAFE® pumps via remote access

The FELUWA team also follows the current recommendations #westayathome. All travel activities have been stopped and a large number of colleagues are working in their home office. Nevertheless, we offer our customers the reliable FELUWA service, as shown in the following examples.

At the end of March several pumps were commissioned in Russia. Since our service team was not able to be on site due to the current situation, a new approach had to be chosen in order to support our customer in the best possible way.

An online connection was established using screen sharing software to enable remote access from FELUWAS' office in Germany to the intelligent pump control and monitoring system. The commissioning was completed smoothly thanks to the successful cooperation between our employees in the factory and the pump operators on site in Russia.

In addition, the customer subsequently ordered a software package for the electronic crankshaft coupling of four pairs of pumps into the control system. This software was also easily implemented from the German FELUWA headquarters.

Live diagnosis of the control system and the continuous online exchange with the contact persons on site were more than helpful and resulted in the successful commissioning of our pulsation reduction system for oscillating displacement pumps and the further increase in efficiency.

Currently, the main focus of our specialists is the upgrading of older pump control systems in order to create added value for our customers by providing remote access.

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