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Strong team performance

In August several heavy-weight pumps left the FELUWA assembly halls for their journey around the world. Four MULTISAFE® pumps type DGK 400 – 4 DS 180 are on their way to the Far East after being loaded on the container vessel in Hamburg.

Pumps this big are usually disassembled for transport and carefully packed into several seaworthy cases. Loading these cases on the trucks and evenly distributing the weight on the axes required a lot of precision, especially since the biggest case weighed 27 tons.

The transport of two MULTISAFE® pumps type TGK 400 – 3 DS 230 posed another challenge. The two heavy-duty transports carrying the biggest cases with an individual weight of even 37 tons started their journey in the night and were accompanied by police and an additional escort vehicle.

As usual, loading and transport were carried out smoothly thanks to the experienced FELUWA assembly and logistics team.


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