FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Check Valves Design Options

FELUWA heavy-duty check valves are most suited to handle aggressive and/ or abrasive media. This qualification is based on comprehensive calculations of flow characteristics and individual selection of suitable construction materials. Even under high pressure conditions FELUWA valves ensure reliable protection against fluid/slurry backflow from the piping.

A great variety of different ball, ball scraper, cone and disc valves with metal and/or soft sealing is available for the individual adaptation to working conditions. As a result of their high resistance to wear, FELUWA valves ensure very low gap loss, even over long periods of operation. The modular design allows for the most diversified combination of designs and materials of seats, balls or cones, guides and retainers in a common valve casing.

Ball valve
Spring-loaded cone valve
Spring-loaded plate valve

For media containing solids characterised by a high settling speed, spring-loaded downflow ball of cone valves are applied.

Double valves

Double valves are specified for media with high levels of impurities and applications which require a particularly high continuous flow, such as gasifier feed pumps in coal gasification systems. If a particle gets jammed in one of the valves for a short period of time, the second valve ensures effective sealing, thus preventing medium backflow and a resulting loss of volume. Double valves provide for a considerably longer life cycle than single valves.

Double ball valve with reversible valve seat
Spring-loaded downflow cone valve
Downflow ball valve
Downflow floating ball valve