FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Diagnostic systems

Efficient diagnostics for mechanical and plant engineering

FELUWA has developed unique diagnostic systems which allow for supervision of the most important parameters. As a consequence, operators benefit from predictive maintenance, increased availability of the pumps and reduced operating costs. Optional direct linking of the pump in standard configuration with the control room permits remote diagnostics as well as coordination of maintenance with the operating schedule.

Diagnostics for hose-diaphragms: Hose-Diaphragm Guard (HDG)

Whereas traditional diaphragm piston pumps require conductivity measurement systems, permanent condition monitoring of MULTISAFE® hose-diaphragms is ensured by means of pressure switches, pressure gauges or contact pressure gauges. In the event that one of the hose-diaphragms leaks or fails, either product or actuation fluid will penetrate into the unpressurised intermediate space. The resulting build-up of pressure is led to the condition monitoring system, which in turn immediately provides a signal with manifold processing options. Nevertheless, operation can be maintained with a single hose-diaphragm until the system allows for scheduled shutdown and repair.

Diagnostics for check valves: FELUWA Valve Performance Monitoring System (FVPMS)

Permanent condition monitoring of individual check valves is effected by means of acoustic sensors which are fixed to the outside of the valve casing. They are not in contact with the product and easily retrofittable. The sensor is capable of detecting leaks, even if the loss of output is still less than 1.5 %. By means of the FVPMS (FELUWA Valve Performance Monitoring System) diagnostic system, the operational safety and availability of pumps is significantly increased, since wear is precisely localised and detected at an early stage, which permits specific forward planning of service and repair. Furthermore, the system allows for partial replacement of the valve trims in dependence on the respective wear rate.

Diagnostics for suction pressure: Suction Guard (SG)

Although MULTISAFE® pumps only require a low NPSHr value, unrestricted inlet of the conveyed medium is required in order to ensure proper pump operation. Supervision of the suction pressure if effected by a diaphragm pressure gauge specifically developed by FELUWA for slurry applications.

Diagnostics for hydraulic and gearbox oil temperature: TempGuard (TG)

Supervision of hydraulic and gearbox oil temperature is carried out by means of temperature sensors, optionally as PT 100, 4-20 mA signal or with Hart communication protocol.