MULTISAFE Double Hose-Diaphragm Pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media

Hose diaphragm piston pump

The Significant Features and Advantages

Process design
Each individual part that is theoretically subject to wear can be separately removed without prior dismantling of adjacent elements.

Modification of the traditional flat diaphragm into a hose-diaphragm
No settling in the clamping area.The diaphragms operate independently of each other and ensure operability as traditional diaphragm piston pump even in case of hose-diaphragm failure.

Even, linear flow path - No deviations. No settling.

Cassette design of delivery valves
Great variety of design options. Easy and fast removal by means of jack bolts. Linear flow path.

Excess-pressure safety valve in the hydraulic fluid reservoir
Safety in case of blocked discharge pipe.

Discharge pulsation dampeners (standard and hose-diaphragm designs) with in-built piston compressor - Minimum residual pulsation. High uniformity.

The hose-diaphragm, delivery valves as well as suction and discharge pulsation dampeners are in contact with the conveyed
fluid only.
No settling in the clamping area of the flat diaphragm.

Hermetically sealed. Double separation between wet end and hydraulic section. Environmentally friendly. Leak-proof and quiet operation.

Tough design of pump heads - Numerous series to meet flow rates and pressure ranges.

Condition monitoring - Permanent condition monitoring of flat and hose-diaphragms as well as delivery valves.

The piston is working in oil. No sliding seals within the pump -
long intervals between maintenance. High reliability