FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps
for abrasive, aggressive and toxic media


For operating pressures in the range of 40 bar and products which do not allow for the contact of air or gas, considerably more efficient diaphragm pulsation dampeners are applied. The FELUWA hose-diaphragm pulsation dampener PULSORBER consists of a hose-diaphragm pulsation dampener and a bladder-type accumulator.

FELUWA hose-diaphragm pulsation dampener PULSORBER for pressures ≥ 40 bar


The newly developed and more flexible PULSORBER 900 is made up of a roller diaphragm accumulator, which is able to cover higher ranges of operating pressure. Both systems offer all the advantages of traditional air vessels. With each discharge stroke the displaced volume that exceeds the average flow is stored within the attached, hermetically sealed nitrogen accumulator. The stored volume is then released during the suction stroke and thus compensates the inevitable flow fluctuations.

The accumulator is pre-charged to approx. 80 % of the operating pressure in order to guarantee maximum efficiency. When operating at
varying discharge pressures, pre-compression has to be adapted accordingly.

FELUWA PULSORBER 900 for higher operating pressure ranges