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FELUWA References Reactor Feeding

Challenging feeding of pressure vessels in the chemical and petrochemical industry or wet oxidation for the processing of waste.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • Maximum system availability due to a reduced number of wear parts
  • Chemical resistance ensured by small number of wetted parts
  • Wide range of available materials for hose-diaphragms and valves
  • Human and environmental safety
  • Hermetical sealing between wet end and drive end
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 70 - 3 DS 1
Volume rate0.65 m³/h
Operating pressure275 bar
MediumWaste water
Wetted parts1.4571 / FPM
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 135 - 3 DS 35
Volume rate19 m³/h
Operating pressure75 bar
MediumHydrated lime slurry
Wetted parts1.4571 & 1.4581 / HNBR
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 100 - 3 DS 1
Volume rate0.5 m³/h
Operating pressure300 bar
MediumWood slurry
Wetted partsCarbon steel / NBR

Media currently handled for this application

Aluminium hydroxide, barium ferrite slurry, BASO4 suspension, cobalt carbonate, conditioned thickened slurry, hydrated lime slurry, hydrochloric acid, isobutanol, municipal digested sludge, nickel slurry, pharmaceutical slurry, sewage sludge, sulphide slurry, TDI waste material, wastewater sludge, wood slurry

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