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Beginning of the apprenticeship 2022

We are very pleased to welcome six apprentices as new members of the FELUWA team (from left to right):

•          Leon Gabor (IT specialist system integration)

•          Lukas Atzor (warehouse logistics)

•          Alexander Tscheter (cutting maching operator)

•          Jonas Lichter (business management)

•          Maximilian André (industrial mechanic)

•          Tim Hetzius (industrial mechanic)

Managing Director Ralf Goebel and Training Officer Anna Wirtz welcomed the new colleagues. After the organisational part, a table soccer tournament was arranged between trainers and apprentices to get to know each other. After lunch, their instructors accompanied the six apprentices to their new workplaces in the assembly shop, manufacturing and in the office, respectively.

Wishing our new apprentices a lot of fun and success for their careers. Welcome to the FELUWA team!

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