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MULTISAFE® Double Hose-Diaphragm Pumps

The tailored solution for high pressure ranges up to 350 bar

FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps allow for reliable and low-wear handling of abrasive, aggressive and challenging media. Thanks to the linear flow path through the hose-diaphragm and the valves, the conveyed fluid will neither come in contact with the pump head nor the hydraulic area.


Flow range

The tailored solution for volume flows up to 1,000 m³/h and pressures up to 350 bar.

Range of application

Use for critical, chemically aggressive and mechanically abrasive fluids and highly viscous media (also containing particles).

Ready for use

Ready for on-site operation: Before shipment, all pumps are tested on our in-house test rig.


High operating safety of the pump by means of digital sensor technology.


Wide range of applications due to modular system.


Steady operating conditions by means of optimum material choice for the few medium-wetted parts.


Great variety of options for the configuration of individual control and drive systems.


Minimum amount of wear parts ensures maximum Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) values.


Hermetical sealing guarantees human and environmental safety.

Typical applications

Find more information on the specific benefits for your application. 

View Typical Applications


Hose-diaphragm pumps

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The compact multi-purpose solution for low pressure ranges up to 16 bar

The EcoTrans MULTISAFE® pumps represent the latest generation of hydraulically activated double hose-diaphragm pumps.


Ready for use

Available at short notice: pump delivery period only 2 weeks.


Regulation of volume flow by means of by-pass capacity regulating unit, no additional frequency converter required.


The space-saving, low-weight pump is available in 3 sizes.

Typical applications

Find more information on the specific benefits for your application.

View typical applications


EcoTrans MULTISAFE® Pump

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Working Principle of MULTISAFE® Pumps

The rotary driving motion of the pump gearbox is converted into a reciprocating action of the crosshead by means of the crank drive. The crosshead is connected to the piston or plunger, respectively. By means of hydraulic fluid the piston actuates a pair of redundant hose-diaphragms, which are arranged one inside the other. They not only enclose the conveyed fluid in a linear flow path, but also provide double hermetic sealing from the hydraulic drive end. The conveyed fluid will neither come in contact with the pump head nor with the hydraulic area.

For general process engineering applications, the hydraulic fluid normally consists of hydraulic oil. As an alternative option, non-compressible fluids with physiologically harmless lubricants are applied, which are compatible with the conveyed fluid. Pumping action is effected by displacement of the inside volume resulting from contraction of the hose-diaphragms. Unlike so-called peristaltic hose pumps with mechanical drive, the hose-diaphragms of the MULTISAFE® pump are not squeezed. In step with the piston stroke, they are only subject to pulsating action, comparable with that of a human vein. Elastic distortion of the hose-diaphragms is path-controlled and effected in a concentric manner due to their inherent construction.

As a result of hydraulic support, the hose-diaphragms are subject to little load even under high working pressures. The service life of hose-diaphragms is considerably extended beyond that of traditional flat diaphragms which reflects in very good MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTBR (Mean Time Between Repairs) values.

Your asset: FELUWA double hose-diaphragms

The MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pump is FELUWA’s consistent advancement of traditional piston diaphragm pumps. The double sealing of the wet end from the environment represents the special FELUWA asset and guarantees a safe, efficient and long-lasting pump.

Unique design characteristics and benefits of the MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps:

FELUWA Valve Technology

The check valves are considered as the only actual wearing part. Due to their cassette design the valves are easily replaceable. Larger valves are equipped with a swivelling device.

  • Calculation of flow geometry by means of latest CFD methods
  • Patented FELUWA Quick Change System
  • Individual material selection guarantees safety and maximum service life



FELUWA Control Systems

Steady and reliable pump operation is guaranteed by efficient, fully automatic, low-wear hydro-mechanical control systems. Individually for each pump head. Consistent, simple, safe.

  • Hydromechanical leakage compensation control precisely secures the volume of the hydraulic fluid in the working chamber
  • Pressure relief valve protects the pump against overload caused by system excess pressure
  • By-pass capacity regulating unit for regulation of the volume flow at short notice

FELUWA Pulsation Dampening

Flow fluctuations are avoided by means of different types of pulsation dampeners: PULSORBER 900 with roller diaphragm accumulator, hose-diaphragm pulsation dampener or traditional pulsation dampeners (pressure air vessel) with air or gas cushion. Individual, tailored solutions.

  • Flexibility: PULSORBER 900 with roller diaphragm accumulator covers large operating pressure ranges
  • Uniform flow allows for optimum process
  • Optional FELUWA built-in piston compressor for permanent air supply secures plant efficiency

FELUWA Pump Control Options

Tailored instrumentation and pump control systems permanently monitor the condition of elements essential for operation. They ensure reliable pump control and efficient transmission to higher ranking control systems.

  • Pump Condition Guards BASIC & SMART: control, diagnostic and monitoring system developed by FELUWA for monitoring of operating conditions using the sensors applied to the pump
  • Condition monitoring for hose-diaphragms (HDG) and FELUWA Valve Performance Monitoring System (FVPMS) allow for permanent monitoring of key components
  • Continuous diagnostics of pressures and operating temperatures by means of intelligent instrumentation


Remote maintenance by using a safe VPN conduit provides valuable support to your service team for reliable operation and plant maintenance. FELUWA’s remote maintenance tool allows for flexible and highly efficient execution of service tasks.

  • Increased efficiency by means of reduced service costs
  • Immediate support by FELUWA experts
  • Digital solutions by FELUWA

FELUWA Crank Shaft Coupling

Efficient reduction of the residual pulsation by means of electronic crank shaft coupling helps optimising phase shifting of the pumps. Not only the pumps are protected, but all downstream equipment accordingly.

  • Reduction of life cycle costs
  • Increase in efficiency and economics
  • Uniform flow in piping

FELUWA DownFlow Technology (DFT)

DownFlow Technology, which means flow from the top to the bottom, allows for reliable pumping of heterogeneous mixtures and media with high settling speed to avoid disadvantageous sedimentation.

  • Safety for your challenging pumping application
  • Reliability thanks to special, tailored check valves
  • Stability for your process

FELUWA Service

All over the world, the FELUWA service team ensures that your pumps operate at maximum efficiency and availability and enjoy a maximum service life.

  • The use of original FELUWA spare parts guarantees safe and efficient, continuous operation
  • Training and support for your operating staff – tailored to your requirements
  • 24/7 service hotline provides emergency support

Efficient pump (systems) enable savings potential

When it comes to the purchase of a pump, the focus is on plannable expenses such as investment costs, energy requirements and maintenance (cost of ownership) as well as the safe and reliable operation of the pump itself. In view of rising energy prices, energy consumption is becoming increasingly…

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