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FELUWA Pump Technology

FELUWA specialises in the construction of MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps – the consistent advancement of piston diaphragm pumps.

Wherever abrasive, aggressive and toxic media are conveyed, the hermetically sealed, oscillating displacement pumps from FELUWA are used. FELUWA technology offers ideal pump systems to the customers for various applications, even for extreme operating temperatures and heterogeneous mixtures with high solids content.

Our MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pump is the tailored solution with customised design for high pressure applications up to 350 bar. The EcoTrans MULTISAFE® pump represents the compact multi-purpose option for low pressure ranges up to 16 bar.

FELUWA offers solutions for individual pump requirements. All over the world, the FELUWA service team ensures that your pumps achieve a maximum of efficiency, availability and durability. Whether in coal gasification applications in China or South Africa, in mining industry in Russia or Australia or in chemical industry in the USA or Brazil – the high-quality pumps made in Germany and designed for the handling of solids carrying fluids are much sought-after worldwide.

FELUWA Pumps – Our Experience in Worldwide Applications

Thanks to our long-time experience in the field, FELUWA pumps for the handling of aggressive and/or abrasive, solids carrying fluids are successfully used all over the world. Below please find some background information on various applications and FELUWA pump references:

Coal Gasification

Reliable coal and biomass gasification with maximum system availability, while maintaining highest…

Reactor Feeding

Challenging feeding of pressure vessels in the chemical and petrochemical industry or wet oxidation…

Autoclave Feeding

Ensured process safety in conveying abrasive, aggressive and solids-containing fluids to feed…

Hygienic Transport

Hygienic, abrasion-free and gentle transport of foods at maximum cleanability.

Spray Dryer Feeding

Minimised pulsation and abrasion-free feeding of spray dryers to ensure product purity and quality.

Concentrate Transport

Energy-efficient, reliable transport of solids-containing fluids over long distances with minimal…

Filter Press Feeding

Heavy-duty, low-maintenance feeding of filter presses and pre-compacting of the waste products.

Tailings & Ash Disposal

Reliable, low-maintenance disposal of mining waste or fly and bottom ash as a result of combustion…


FELUWA company anniversaries in 2023

At the end of the year, we would like to thank the 16 FELUWA jubilees of 2023 for their long-term commitment and…

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FELUWA receives another major order from China

Together with our long-standing Chinese FELUWA partner Encore, we have acquired a new major order in China.

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Chuck Martin is head of new FELUWA subsidiary in the USA

Since August we have established our own subsidiary in Houston, TX...

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This pump is "high-volume" in two respects - sound and performance...

...and the customer has ordered two of them for the Las Truchas mine rehabilitation project in Mexico! The pump colossi…

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Company anniversaries in 2022

In 2022, we celebrated a total of 19 company anniversaries.

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FELUWA is growing!

We have a new member in our fabrication: the machining centre Reiden RX12. It represents the largest investment in a…

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Beginning of the apprenticeship 2022

We are very pleased to welcome six apprentices as new members of the FELUWA team.


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New representative in Brazil

After 6 successful years we had to say goodbye to our Brazilian representative Jenn Vogl. Since the beginning of July,…

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And the Eifel-Award 2022 goes to…. FELUWA Pumps

FELUWA has been honored with the Eifel Award 2022 as one of the top employers in the Vulkaneifel. With this year's…

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8th Bitburger 0.0% corporate run in Trier

A ten-strong FELUWA team participated at the 8th Bitburger 0.0% corporate run in Trier. A total of over 2,900 runners…

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We were part of the Digital Days of the Star Pump Alliance on September 28 and 29 - the digital event of the pump…

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FELUWA Mountainbike Team

25 FELUWA riders competed in this year's VulkanBike mountainbike race.

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Efficient pump (systems) enable savings potential

When it comes to the purchase of a pump, the focus is on plannable expenses such as investment costs, energy requirements and maintenance (cost of ownership) as well as the safe and reliable operation of the pump itself. In view of rising energy prices, energy consumption is becoming increasingly…

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