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This pump is "high-volume" in two respects - sound and performance...

...and the customer has ordered two of them for the Las Truchas mine rehabilitation project in Mexico! The pump colossi are FELUWA MULTISAFE® pumps of the type DGK 500 - 4 DS 350 and both are equipped with our newly developed stroke gear - a double-acting gear that conveys both on the pre- and back stroke.

In terms of external dimensions, they are not our largest pumps, but they have the highest volume flow to date: a whopping 760 m³ of iron ore tailings are moved from A to B per hour by one pump, so in total both pumps can handle 1520 m³/h or 1.5 million litres. That corresponds to an outdoor pool. Or 10,000 bathtubs. Per hour! With only two(!) pumps. Impressive!

The technical data in brief:

- Conveyed medium: Iron ore tailings

- Application: Solids disposal

- Operating pressure: 40 bar

- Flow rate: 760 m³/h

For the purposes of modernisation work, a new iron ore concentrator is being built for this demanding project in Mexico as well as the necessary infrastructure. In this process, the two FELUWA pumps will convey the waste material iron ore tailings. Due to the impassable and difficult-to-access terrain, the conventional transport of the waste materials by trucks is very difficult. Hence, the company has deliberately opted instead for the infrastructure-independent and lower-emission hydrotransport by means of the two FELUWA pumps.

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