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FELUWA References Tailings & Ash Disposal

Reliable, low-maintenance disposal of mining waste or fly and bottom ash as a result of combustion processes.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • Low energy costs due to high efficiency
  • Short downtimes
  • High wear resistance
  • Water-saving  by conveying fluids with a maximum concentration of solids
  • Separation between wetted parts and drive end by double hose-diaphragm
Reference Example
Pump typeTGK 250 - 3 DS 230 DFT
Volume rate175 m³/h
Operating pressure38 bar
MediumIron ore tailings
Wetted partsCarbon steel rubberised / NBR
CountryMiddle East
Reference Example
Pump typeQGK 500 - 5 DS 350 DFT
Volume rate750 m³/h
Operating pressure45 bar
MediumCopper tailings
Wetted partsCarbon steel rubberised & 1.4571 / NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeTGK 400 - 3 DS 230
Volume rate240 m³/h
Operating pressure60 bar
MediumFly ash
Wetted partsCarbon steel / NBR
CountrySouth Africa

Media currently handled for this application

Abrasive sludge, aluminium sludge, ash slurry, bauxite sludge, coal sludge, copper tailings, fly ash sludge, iron ore tailings, liquid manure, mining slurry, moor sludge, ore sludge, red mud, sand sludge, sandstone slip, sewage sludge, slaughter-house wastes

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