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New representative in Brazil

After 6 successful years we had to say goodbye to our Brazilian representative Jenn Vogl. Since the beginning of July, we have a new representative with Bertram Heinze who is equally experienced, which ensures a seamless transition. He has been active in the Brazilian mining sector for 11 years in various positions. Thus, he draws on a large network and FELUWA has now been added to his representation of mid-sized businesses in Brazil.

Ralf Scherer (Managing Director Marketing & Sales) travelled to Brazil for the handover, took the opportunity to train Bertram Heinze and coordinated the focal points of the cooperation. The summary of his trip, "we said goodbye to Jenn Vogl in gratitude for his success and his extraordinary commitment. I am satisfied that we were able to ensure a seamless transition and have won such an experienced expert of the Brazilian market as his successor."

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