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FELUWA References Autoclave Feeding

Ensured process safety in conveying abrasive, aggressive and solids-containing fluids to feed autoclaves and digestors for the processing of minerals.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • Maximum system availability by a reduced number of wear parts
  • High wear resistance of the small number of wetted parts guarantees operational safety
  • Adaptability to challenging chemical conditions is achieved by a reduced number of wear parts
  • Wide range of available materials for hose-diaphragms and valves
  • Hermetical separation between wet end and drive end
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 130 - 3 DS 35 DFT
Volume rate17 m³/h
Operating pressure38 bar
MediumSulphuric acid with pyrite and SiO2
Wetted parts1.4462 / NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeTGK 300 - 3 DS 180
Volume rate125 m³/h
Operating pressure40 bar
MediumBauxite alkali slurry
Wetted partsCarbon steel / NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeSG 135 - 2 DS 100
Volume rate95 m³/h
Operating pressure55 bar
MediumNi-Am-Sulphate Slurry
Wetted parts1.4462 / EPDM

Media currently handled for this application

Bauxite alkali slurry, nickel sulphate slurry, sulphuric acid with pyrite and SiO2, zinc sludge

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