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FELUWA References Spray Dryer Feeding

Minimised pulsation and abrasion-free feeding of spray dryers to ensure product purity and quality.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • Supreme product purity assured by abrasion-free transport
  • Excellent product quality because of minimised pulsation
  • High dosing accuracy by reason of frequency converter operated motor
  • Chemical resistance ensured by small number of wetted parts
  • Maximum system availability due to reduced number of wear parts
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 70 - 3 DS 2
Volume rate2 m³/h
Operating pressure100 bar
MediumPolyaluminium chloride slurry
Wetted parts3.7035 (Titanium) / PTFE
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 130 - 3 DS 8
Volume rate5 m³/h
Operating pressure120 bar
MediumSilicia slurry
Wetted parts1.4571 / NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeSGL 224 - 1 M 190
Volume rate0.32 m³/h
Operating pressure22 bar
MediumHard metal suspension
Wetted parts1.4571 & 1.4581 / IIR

Media currently handled for this application

Alumina, aluminium acetate, aluminium oxide sludge, aluminium silicate sludge, barium ferrite sludge, barium titanate sludge, BAS04 suspension, calcium carbonate sludge, catalyst slurry, cement sludge, ceramic slip, China clay sludge, conditioned thickened slurry, electro-technical porcelain sludge, fly ash sludge, food starch grinding oil, hard metal suspension, hard metal slurry with ethyl alcohol, herbicides in water, iron oxide sludge, lead chromate, lead oxide, lead sulphide, lead sulphur silicate, lime stone slurry, manganese ferrite sludge, marble powder slurry, mica solution, milk of lime, Mn Zn ferrite sludge, municipal digested sludge, nickel ammonium sulphate sludge, optical brightener, organic suspension, paraffin solution, pigment sludge, polyaluminium chloride slurry, salt brine, silica gel, silica slurry, stannous fluoride silicate, steatite mass X-ray pigment, Talc, TiO suspension, TiO2 suspension, tri acetate, zinc oxide sludge

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