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FELUWA References Filter Press Feeding

Heavy-duty, low-maintenance feeding of filter presses and pre-compacting of the waste products.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • No limitation concerning operating pressure and flow rate
  • Maximum pre-compacting of the waste-product whilst holding the final pressure over a long period
  • Several variants to regulate the volume rate
  • Self-regulating feeding process by means of a pressure relief valve is possible
  • Operating pressures greater than 16 bar are realisable without impacting the flow rate
Reference Example
Pump typeEcoTrans MULTISAFE® 10
Volume rate10 m³/h
Operating pressure16 bar
MediumSewage sludge
Wetted partsCarbon steel /NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeSG 130 - 2 SM 350 ZW
Volume rate25 m³/h
Operating pressure15 bar
Wetted partsCarbon steel / CR
Reference Example
Pump typeSG 130 - 2 SM 460
Volume rate40 m³/h
Operating pressure15 bar
Wetted partsCarbon steel / NBR

Media currently handled for this application

Alumina, aluminium oxide sludge, aluminium sludge, calcium carbonate sludge, catalyst slurry, cement sludge, ceramic slip, china clay sludge, clay, crude oil sludge, digested sludge, dye paste, electro-technical porcelain sludge, ferrite sludge, fly ash sludge, galvanic slurry, glass powder slurry, grinding oil, hydroxide slurry, inorganic sludge, ironworks sludge, iron oxide sludge, lime stone slurry, loam sludge, mining slurry, milk of lime, manganese ferrite sludge, metallurgical sludge, moor sludge, nickel ammonium sulphate sludge, organic suspension, phosphorous sludge, pickling sludge, pigment sludge, powdered glass suspension, quartz-resin mixture, salt brine, sand sludge, sandstone slip, sewage sludge, sewage water sludge, slaughter-house wastes, sodium hydroxide, stannous fluoride silicate, steatite mass, talc, TiO suspension, TiO2 suspension, wastewater, zinc oxide sludge

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