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FELUWA References Hygienic Transport

Hygienic, abrasion-free and gentle transport of foods at maximum cleanability.

Advantages FELUWA MULTISAFE® Pumps

  • Availability of an FDA-compliant material selection
  • Special design allows for excellent cleanability facilitated by hygienic components design
  • Supreme product purity due to abrasion-free transport
  • Gentle transport of foods, no influence of the shearing strain
  • Safe and clean due to hermetical separation between drive end and conveyed media
Reference Example
Pump typeTGK 300 - 3 DS 100
Volume rate60 m³/h
Operating pressure105 bar
MediumGlucose solution
Wetted parts1.4404 / NBR
Reference Example
Pump typeTG 130 - 3 DS 17
Volume rate0.13 m³/h
Operating pressure16 bar
MediumFoods, e.g. honey
Wetted parts1.4571 / NBR (FDA-compliant)
Reference Example
Pump typeSG 100 - 2 DS 35
Volume rate13 m³/h
Operating pressure3 bar
MediumBrine water
Wetted parts1.4571 electropolished / NBR (FDA-compliant)

Media currently handled for this application

Brine water, food, glucose solution, starch, stevia

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