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MULTISAFE® Pumps: Typical Applications

Coal Gasification

Reliable coal and biomass gasification with maximum system availability, while maintaining highest…

Reactor Feeding

Challenging feeding of pressure vessels in the chemical and petrochemical industry or wet oxidation…

Autoclave Feeding

Ensured process safety in conveying abrasive, aggressive and solids-containing fluids to feed…

Hygienic Transport

Hygienic, abrasion-free and gentle transport of foods at maximum cleanability.

Spray Dryer Feeding

Minimised pulsation and abrasion-free feeding of spray dryers to ensure product purity and quality.

Concentrate Transport

Energy-efficient, reliable transport of solids-containing fluids over long distances with minimal…

Filter Press Feeding

Heavy-duty, low-maintenance feeding of filter presses and pre-compacting of the waste products.

Tailings & Ash Disposal

Reliable, low-maintenance disposal of mining waste or fly and bottom ash as a result of combustion…

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